Oct 14, 2007

Proposal to eliminate parking requirement in urban villages

I told you recently (http://tinyurl.com/yoplrf ) about the City's plan to change the zoning code in our multifamily areas (your input needed at a meeting on Monday 10/15/07, 5:30 PM, City Hall).

On the City's webpage about the proposed changes ( http://tinyurl.com/36o4pj ) you can learn about the proposed changes [my comments in brackets]. Main points:

2. Reduce number of zones by consolidating the existing L3 and L4 zones to make a new LR3 zone [Much of our area is presently L3 or L4].

8. Eliminate parking requirements in urban centers, urban villages, and station areas, and reduce parking requirements in other areas (consistent with changes in commercial areas). [YEP, THAT'S US: We're in an urban village]

From John Rahaim (SPD Planning Director):

Hello Andrew. Sorry for this mistake. Like the Neighborhood Commercial zones, we are proposing to eliminate the parking requirement only in Urban Centers and transit areas, and to lower-- but not eliminate -- the requirement in Urban Villages. We will clarify this tonight at the open house.

Thanks for your sharp eye on this.


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