Oct 26, 2007

Adopt a drain -- or just help keep them clear

(stolen from Capitolhillnews)
It's that time of year when the leaves combine with the rain and create clogged drains around town. Even on top of our hill there can be problems with puddling. What can you do? The City of Seattle has organized a program called Adopt a Drain where you can sign-up and then be the recipient of tools to help keep your designated drain/s clear.

Learn more and sign up via the City's website at:

Even if you don't want to commit to be a fully designated storm drain steward, feel free to help keep area drains clear and flowing.

"Volunteers are only asked to remove the matted leaves from the tops of the drains. If the drain is still clogged even after you’ve removed the matting, then call our drainage problem hotline at (206) 386-1800 to report it. Do not try to unclog the drain. Removing matting is safe, but clearing out a deep clog requires special expertise."

For More Information
The Adopt A Street/Drain team is ready to help you with your questions, please call the 24-hour hotline at (206) 684-7647 and leave a message or e-mail adoptastreet@seattle.gov .

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