Oct 18, 2007

Bid farewell to Lake Denny

This persistent puddle (outside the Madison Inn work release house at 21st & Denny) has been named "Lake Denny" by 21st Ave resident Richard Samuel, who has been campaigning for the City to deal with it for many months now. It appears after the smallest rain and remains for many months, getting several feet wide, and making it impossible to cross the street.
We've mentioned it to City officials on every possible occasion, notably the Mayor's visit this Spring, but to no effect till recently.
I showed it to Ted Divina (Central Area Department of Neighborhoods supervisor) at the last MADCAP cleanup and things finally started happening. They report:
"FYI: I just spoke to the crew chief who was out to inspect this site on 10/10 and they cleaned out the clogged drains and have requested that a new 'drain box' be installed there which will resolve the flooding problems."

Thanks to Richard and Ted for keeping at it and helping to keep our feet dry.

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