Oct 29, 2007

Neighborhood Police/Public Officials honored

I was at the Seattle Police Foundation's Annual Awards Banquet last Friday.

The Chief's Award was presented to Ellen O'Neill-Stephens, who worked so hard with us on our Madison Street issues. She was there with her family and Jeeter the dog, all of whom we've met at neighborhood cleanups.

(click image for readable copy)

Also honored was Detective Kim Bogucki, who was our Community Police Team Officer for a couple of years, back when we were starting our Friday night walks on Madison.(click image for readable copy)

Finally, those of you with a long history in the neighborhood may remember Detective Robert Shilling, who's been in charge of the sex offender unit for many years. We met him when we were concerned about a house full of sex offenders in our neughborhood (see page 2 of this Spring 1996 "Miller Times").

(click image for readable copy)

Please join me in congratulating them on their awards, and thanking them for all their hard work on our behalf.

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