Jul 1, 2007

Secret Firework Spot

OK, so one of the perks of working at Fred Hutch on Lake Union is the easy parking for great firework viewing, but the 1 hour drive home after the show is less than enjoyable.

More recently we discovered that Lakeview Boulevard E., just north of the Belmont-Eastlake I-5 overpass, is a great place to watch the distant Elliot Bay firework show and the in-your-face Lake Union show. There's a wide sidewalk overlooking a steep slope down to I5 and the lake. A chain-link fence keeps you safe, but the blackberries growing in the fence can obstruct the view, so bring some gardening tools! (severely pruned by the authorities last time I looked)

Am I spoiling it for myself by telling you? NO! it's never been really crowded and I' d much rather have you walk down and enjoy the view than the turkeys who drive in at the last moment, double park, leave their smelly engines running and blare their choice of music for all to "enjoy". Note: the firefighters who turn up and sit on top of their truck to enjoy the show are NOT in that category. They often get called away during the show, but also get treats brought to them by partygoers in adjacent houses.

See you there - Andrew

PS: Don't even think of thinking of driving. It's a fun walk, and Belmont gets blocked off by the Police anyway.

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ktkeller said...

Ten years ago I went near where you describe to the area around the intersection of Bellevue Ave E, Bellevue Pl E and Bellevue Ct E, easy to remember the 'three Bellevues". Dunno whats been built there since, but we could see downtown and Lake Union. Bring a radio, thought because the music timed to the fireworks at Lake union is the best thing about the whole show.

West Seattle is still a cool place and the traffic getting back is not a problem.