Jul 17, 2007

Important Opportunity for Comment - Nightlife Legislation

Sonia Richter (our recently retired Safety Coordinator) passes this on:

Posting this would also help our neighbors on E Barclay Ct. who are being driven to sell their homes and move (or stay and never sleep) with the problems at Wade's on E Jefferson between 12th and 13th. Along with the noise and drug dealing a man was killed there last week, not coveredin the press at all. Thanks!

>>> Martin Moe
7/14/2007 11:54 AM >>>
Dear Friends,

The Mayor and the Seattle Police Department would very much appreciate your assistance by speaking out in support on the proposed legislation on Nightlife Premises. Specifically, support is needed for a provision that nightlife premises will require a license from the City of Seattle to operate a Nightlife Premise (the attached information gives you a sense of what the definition of a Nightlife Premise is). The license could be revoked if operators of a Nightlife Premise do not take action to comply with existing laws (noise, litter, property damage, violence, etc.).

The recent violence and gun shots outside Ta
bellah, a club just a couple of blocks from Victor Steinbrueck Park, demonstrates the need for legislation. SPD tells us that they have had several conversations with the owners of the club with no results. Many complaints have been filed with the Washington State Liquor Control Board over several months resulting in no action.

Support is required because the proposed City of Seattle license does not have adequate support to pass in a vote of Seattle City Council.

If you are interested in knowing more, see this document , go to this City Council webpage, watch the "Ask The Mayor" videos that deal with it, or read this timely (7/18/07) Seattle Times front page article.

You can help by doing the following:
1) Send an email to Seattle Councilpersons – the sooner the better!!
Send an email letting them know that you support a City of License be required for Nightlife Premise businesses. Some key points might be that 1) your public safety must be the priority for the Council and the City, 2) violence is not freedom of expression and 3) many businesses have legal responsibilities for ensuring that their impact on their surroundings is not destructive. Please copy friendsofsteinbrueckpark@yahoo.com

The email addresses for the Seattle Councilpersons are:


2) Attend the Hearing
There will be a public hearing on July 26th at 9:30 am in the City Council Chambers which is on the 2nd Floor of City Hall. Your attending and speaking in favor of the licensing requirement could be an additional way to influence the decision.

Ann Moe
Dave Martin

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