Jul 4, 2007

"Don't mess with Ms. Esther"

Please join me in congratulating Esther Pounds on her retirement from her long-held position as the resident manager of Capitol Hill Housing's Hazel Plaza apartments at 21st Ave E. & E. John. Let's thank her for her many years of hard work for the neighborhood, and wish her all the best for the future.

Below is a letter from Capitol Hill Housing's Executive Director, Chuck Weinstock, which tells it much better than I could, followed by a note from Esther herself. Chuck is also retiring soon from his similarly long-held position at Capitol Hill Housing. I'd also like to thank him for his many years of dedication to affordable housing, as well as his keen interest in all of the housing and development issues around Capitol Hill and Miller Park. For a quick review of Capitol Hill Housing's mission, you might read the articles in the July 92 or Spring 96 editions of the Miller Times.

Esther and Chuck epitomize all that we love in Capitol Hill Housing: they work hard to provide safe, legal, drug-free affordable housing that is a pleasure to have in the neighborhood.

(Click on the letters for a larger version)

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