Jul 17, 2007

East Precinct Police Appreciation: your letters, please!

From: Veronica Pugh <veronica@sngi.org>

No EPCPC (East Precinct Crime Prevention Coalition) meeting this month due to our participation in the East Precinct Picnic Saturday, July 21st, 1-4pm.

Police Appreciation - EPCPC will sponsor an East Precinct Police Appreciation in August. Capitol Hill Times has agreed to print a few stories from community members about why we appreciate the East Precinct Officers. If you’d like to participate in this project, please send a <200 word letter to the the editor Doug Schwartz <editor@capitolhiltimes.com> by Tuesday, July 31st. For more info about how you can participate with the police appreciation contact me.


Veronica Pugh
Seattle Neighborhood Group
EPCPC Program Coordinator
(206) 322-9330

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