Nov 2, 2009

Vote as you please, but please vote (better do it now)

Your ballot's around the house somewhere.  Remember that it has to be postmarked by TUESDAY (good luck finding a pickup after 6 PM). A stamp (remember stamps?) is 44 cents. Safeway has 'em.
Voters' pamphlets, locations of 24 hour drop boxes, etc is all right here.
Nearest drop box: Central Area Neighborhood Service Center, 2301 S. Jackson

Ballot drop boxes will  close at 8 p.m. on Election Day, November 3.

You all did so well last November. Please get out those ballots and make us all proud.
Thank you.

PS: You really will MAKE A DIFFERENCE

PPS: Running late? Latest mailbox pickup I could find was 7:30 PM. You're better off going to the drop box at 23rd & Jackson. BE THERE BEFORE 8PM!

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