Nov 8, 2009

Seattle Comprehensive Plan overview: 2030 and beyond

Join former Mayor Norm Rice for the kick-off of a major update of
Seattle’s Comprehensive Plan – “Seattle 2030 and Beyond”
Tuesday, November 17, 2009
6:00 pm to 8:00 pm - Presentation at 6:30 pm
Miller Community Center
330 19th Ave E (served by Metro Routes 8, 10, 11, 12 and 43)
 Seattle 2030 and Beyond … meeting the challenges and opportunities of a new world
·         20 years ago we adopted the state Growth Management Act
·         15 years ago we adopted Seattle’s Comprehensive Plan … Toward a Sustainable Seattle
·         As we move into the 21st century, our population continues to grow and becomes more diverse
·         Since 2005, Seattle and over 1000 other American cities have pledged to meet or beat the goals of the Kyoto Treaty
·         Seattle now has more renters than home-owners
·         We have more public transportation options … light rail, street car, and pedestrian and bicycle friendly streets
·         We are known as a green/sustainable city
·         We are known as a creative city, an innovative city

Seattle’s Comprehensive Plan, adopted in 1994, sets policies and goals for a full range of elements that affect how a city will grow, including land use, transportation, housing, capital facilities, utilities, economic development, neighborhood planning, human development, cultural resources and the environment. 

Help shape Seattle’s future – join us as we take these important steps to guide Seattle through the 21st century. 

How will we meet the growing climate challenges? How can we retain and improve our truly great neighborhoods? How can we accommodate new residential and employment growth? How will we continue to be inclusive and caring?  How do we stay competitive and entrepreneurial in the world marketplace?

Our challenge to you - In 150 words or less, describe your Seattle 2030 or Seattle 2050.
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The best place for you to learn more and get involved is through DPD’s web page

You may also contact Tom Hauger (206 684 8380) or Kristian Kofoed (206 233 7191).

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