Oct 27, 2009

A good walk (not) ruined. Hear about an amazing journey!

I've know Erin since she was about 6: she's the daughter of a former colleague at the Hutch, and she was (rather more recently) a graduate student in a lab down the hall. Erin and Hig really did walk and paddle all the way from Seattle to the end of the Aleutian peninsula, blogging as they went! You can read their adventures on the blog, or you can read the book and/or come to the slide show. Erin will be interviewed on KING5 at 8AM on the 29th, and by KUOW at 9AM on the 30th.
We also go to the same dentist. At one point their inflatable raft was ripped apart by a bear. The thing that impressed our dentist most was that they were carrying enough dental floss to sew raft (and tent) back together again.
It's a great story. See you there.

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