Nov 22, 2009

Dark and dreary: time for action

(reposted from last year: it's wet and windy and Fall again)

1) The City invites you to Adopt A Drain and keep it clear of leaves and debris. I told you of this program two years ago, and applied for a set of tools to share with the neighborhood......still waiting!

Ann Donovan noted (Capitol Hill Yahoo Group):

With the leaves falling in mass and the rains starting storm drains 
start to clog. It is a great time for volunteers to help out by taking 
a few minutes to remove any debris blocking the drains.

If you find a drain in need of further servicing (I found one yesterday 
blocked with dirt) then use the form on the Seattle Public Utilities 
site to report it in for service -- noting location of the problem.

2) City Light tells us:
City Light is launching a new streetlight maintenance program. Instead of relying on streetlight trouble reports, crews will replace, clean and adjust lamps for maximum illumination every four years to ensure proper maintenance. With a regular replacement schedule, repair times will improve for most problems individually reported by customers.
and then in the next paragraph tells us how to report burnt out bulbs:
To report a burned out or flickering streetlight, call (206) 684-7056 or go online to Please be prepared to provide the pole number (yellow numbers 6 to 15 feet above the ground) and the nearest address.
A while ago I suggested that we share in the task of noting and reporting burnt out streetlights, via a sort of "Adopt a Streetlight" program. Now that the dark is upon us again, perhaps it's time to revisit that idea and to get more of our neighbors to take part.

See map below, which shows which streets have been adopted, and see the original post for instructions.

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