Mar 1, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Club Chocolate City closed a year ago today.

Anything new to add to the comments made at the time?

And no, I don't know anything new about the possible fate of the empty buildings where the bar and grocery store used to be. I saw Jim Mueller (developer of projects at 2203 E. Union and at 2051 E. Madison, and eager to develop Dean Falls' property) at the neighborhood planning forum today. He had no news, other than that Mr. Falls had sent him a joke by E-mail (which, I guess, counts as staying in touch).


Seadevi said...

One of the best anniversaries I'll celebrate this year

dave said...

Is there some way that we as a community can try to convince Falls to sell his property if he's not going to do anything with it? Put a petition together and send it to him?

Andrew Taylor said...

Multiple developers have talked to him, one for a couple of years now, and he himself has building plans and permits for the site.

It is unclear to me what will motivate Mr. Falls: you are welcome to try. Contact info from King County tax records: