Mar 30, 2008

23rd Avenue: no change till they fix 520

From: Seattle Dept. of Transportation
(in reply to a neighbor's inquiry)

Thank you for your interest in the design and operation of 23rd Avenue. I value the contribution that citizens bring to transportation issues.

Our direction at the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) is to look at arterials not only as general traffic carriers, but to consider the broad range of uses they may serve. This includes transit, a safe and attractive place for pedestrians, access to local businesses, parking, movement of freight and goods, and opportunities for cycling. With this in mind, the possible redesign of 23rd Avenue is something that we would like to consider in the future.

We do not foresee making a change to 23rd Avenue within the next few years. As a principal arterial, 23rd Avenue is part of the regional transportation system and a major roadway. It has to work in a coordinated way with other key parts of the city and regional system. Work is presently underway to shape other major parts of the transportation system. Before making a change to 23rd Avenue, this work - the future design for SR-520, for example - will need to be resolved. When this is done, we will have a better sense of what options may be explored.

Again, thank you for writing. If you have additional questions or thoughts, please feel welcome to call me directly at (206) 684-5727 or via e-mail at

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