Mar 10, 2008

Coming Soon (and here now): Just Food

Just learn of an intriguing sounding little restaurant ( Just Food Eatery) that will be opening soon in the little row of stores across the road from TT Minor Elementary school.

The same people also will deliver home-cooked food to you (Just Food To Go).


Anonymous said...

I wonder if they will be getting an alcohol permit, since it's so close to the elementary school.

Maybe that's what they mean by 'just food'?

I'm Looking forward to another food choice in the neighborhood.

Andrew Taylor said...

Correct: schools do have a blanket veto on liquor licenses within a certain distance of the school, and typically exercise that veto: recall the problems of the "Lloyd's Rocket" cafe near to Bailey Gatzert School on 12th.

Jen said...

Actually, I'm pretty sure the Just Food is talking about the food. Which is great. I've been getting the To Go food for a couple weeks now and Brenda really outdoes herself. Healthy but really tasty.

So does that mean no beer or wine as well? Even after school is out? Just wondering. I'd love some of her soup with a glass of wine after work one night. Yum!


Andrew Taylor said...

You'll have to ask the cafe and maybe the school!

I vaguely recall people interceding, on behalf of the Lloyd's rocket cafe, to get Gatzert School to allow the liquor application.

A concerted neighborhood approach to the school (that would be you, not me!) might be of value: check with the cafe owner.