Aug 16, 2007

City Free Tree application deadline extended

The Department of Neighborhoods Tree Fund deadline for applications has been extended to Friday, August 24th.

Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to get free trees for the planting strips (between the sidewalk and the curb) and green your neighborhood!

Get a group of 5 households together with a request of at least 10 trees and send in your application to DON. All you have to do is send a representative from your group to a tree planting and maintenance training on Saturday, October 13th, agree to maintain the trees for their first 3 years and the trees will be delivered, for free, to the location your group chooses one weekend in October or November.

Applications are available on the Department of Neighborhoods website, at:

Questions? Call Eden Trenor (206-684-4520) or John Eskelin (206-684-0359) at the Department of Neighborhoods.

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