Aug 18, 2007

Hit and Run incident

A report from a neighbor on 24th. Not clear what we can do, other than try and get license plate numbers,

Friday, August 3, 2007 9AM, 2200 block, 24th Ave E.

Someone traveling at high speed in a late model Cadillac or other large gold vehicle totaled a parked Ford Escape which was pushed up on the curb as a result of the impact. The Escape was pushed into a parked Subaru, also pushed up on the curb, doing approx. $3200 damage to the Subaru. The speeding car continued down the street, sideswiping two other parked cars. (the driver of the speeding car must have been injured by the impact, and the front end of his car seriously damaged.)

This happened at 9 am....police were called / made a report, but the perp was not caught because none of the neighbors got the license plate. Car sideswiping happens on a regular basis on 24th, but the damage to 4 parked, unoccupied cars was extensive this time.
( I was at work. A neighbor reported the incident.).

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