May 27, 2007

Wear that Bike Helmet!

(The hands are mine, the head and helmet ARE NOT)

I was cycling down Aloha this Tuesday (as I often do), and moved right to get further away from a passing car.

Suddenly found myself on my side on the road, presumably due to the killer pothole shown below.

I distinctly recall landing on the side of my head. My helmet was a write-off, but I had the slightest of headaches, as opposed to the extensive "road rash" elsewhere. I know about head injuries (ask me sometime), so I INSIST that you always wear your bike helmet.

Even if you don't believe me, consider the experiences of this Seattleite in Wisconsin and WEAR THAT HELMET


j said...

Glad you were helmeted!

Andrew Taylor said...

Yep, bought one as soon as I got back on a bike after the Ford LTD hit me in 1980: the only choice back then was the size of the (one model of) white Bell helmet you got.

Feel naked without it now.

Andrew Taylor said...

(in reply to an inquiry about cheap helmets)
I would check the Bell website about replacement deals. However, we sell helmets for $10 by appointment. To report potholes check out the sdot website,


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