May 24, 2007

Goats! Goats in the Central District!

The KING5 "Blog of Blogs", with the catchy title of Citizen Rain, gives an easy overview of what's going on throughout our wonderful city. That's where I noted the review of a play in the theater on 19th. It is however an ethereal little list: things appear at the top and fall off the bottom of the neighborhood blogs list within a day.

I draw your attention to this lovely little entry, about someone who " hired 'Rent-A-Ruminant' to graze an entire quarter acre in just 48 hours".

There's a whole load of pictures, and the goats might still be munching away, so head on over and have a look. And we should feel great empathy with the closing line in the article:

" Now we can add to the list of things which will bring the newsmedia to our neighborhood for a story: shootings and goats."

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