May 2, 2007

Water Main break: low pressure, discolored water?

Big water main break in Eastlake: reports of low pressure and discolored water from our neighbors in the Madison Valley:

Is anyone else noticing water pressure and discoloration issues this morning? I noticed both of these issues at my house and contacted Seattle Public Utilities just a few minutes ago. The customer service person didn’t have any information on the cause but said they had a “lot of reports of issues in this area this morning” and they were contacting technicians to see if they know what’s up. I’m not sure what area they were referring to but I live in Madison Valley on 31st avenue east, north of E Republican and south of Lake Washington Blvd.
And another report: reports a water main break under the university bridge. We’re on 34th east and Harrison and have no water at all. I understand it’s the same with Bush School and Broadmoor.

And again:

I work right by the U Bridge, and it's crazy over here!

I also talked to the city and they said to not drink the water until it's clear again. Until then use bottled water.

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