May 31, 2007

Central Area Plan Revitalization Workshop

(map of Central Area Urban Village planning areas)

Central Area Quality of Life Is Under Attack

Want to do something about it?

What concerns you the most about what is happening in our neighborhoods or the Central Area?

Come find out how the Central Area Neighborhood Plan can help us take control of our community’s destiny and the Overall Quality of Life in the Central Area

Saturday June 9, 2007
1:30pm - 3:30pm
Garfield Community Center
2323 East Cherry St

Programming that Creates and Promotes Positive Activities and Environments for our Young People
Negative Impact on our infrastructure, traffic and parking problems due to zoning changes and over development
Flooding and/or other property damage due to the over development or lack of adequate reparations or modifications
Madison St., Jackson Place, other corridors and neighborhoods are under siege by developers who disregard our concerns?
Shrinking green spaces and urban trails to keep our neighborhoods healthy?
Are Developers developing you out of your home?

Co-sponsored by:
Central Area Neighborhood Plan Stewardship and
Seattle Parks and Recreation

(The Madison-Miller area took part in neighborhood planning as part of the Central Area plan: the resulting general plan is posted on the City website together with the scary and incomprehensible "Approval and Adoption Matrix" .

The Madison-Miller area, with the guidance of some very talented consultants, also produced its own Master Plan as part of the planning process, although it was never posted online by the City.

I have now scanned and posted the Madison-Miller Master Plan: see the "Madison-Miller Neighborhood Plan" list of links, on the right of this page, just below the "Miller Links" list.)

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