Apr 21, 2009

Residential Parking Zone Changes

The Seattle Department of Transportation is pleased to announce that the RPZ Revisions Ordinance and related resolution have been transmitted to City Council for their consideration. The proposed recommendations effectively update the program to incorporate transportation, land use and economic changes since the last policy review in 1994.  Thank you for your comments and on-going interest in the RPZ Policy Review Project.


SDOT will brief the Council Transportation Committee on Tuesday April 21, with a follow-up discussion on May 5. Public comments at the Committee meetings or via email are welcome.


The Final Recommendations and legislation are available at SDOT’s RPZ policy review page:www.seattle.gov/transportation/parking/rpz_policy_review.htm


After a year-long effort working with various community and business stakeholders, the RPZ legislative changes are proposed to:


--- Limit permits to eight per household address to reduce extreme abuse; consider other disincentives in the future to manage parking demand


--- Improve enforcement by adjusting permit design, adding fines and improving coordination with Seattle Police Department


--- Continue to issue one biennial guest permit per household address 


--- Develop single-day visitor permit as a second option to allow for multiple guests


--- Revise zone creation process to ensure more effective community process to include all community interests and address race and social justice barriers to community participation


--- Start pilot program to issue RPZ permits to businesses in the Southeast and South Downtown light rail station areas


--- Improve customer service with online permit system



Please note that the comment period for the SEPA Determination of Non-Significance has closed. Anyone may appeal the DNS by submitting a Notice of Appeal and a filing fee to the Office of the Hearing Examiner no later than 5:00 pm April 20, 2009



For questions about the proposed legislation, please contact Mary Catherine Snyder at rpzparking@seattle.gov or 206-684-8110.



Mary Catherine Snyder

Parking Strategic Advisor

Seattle Department of Transportation - Policy and Planning

PO Box 34996

Seattle WA 98124-4996



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Andrew Taylor said...

Thanks Andrew - City Council Transportation Committee is taking comments (directed to Councilmember Jan Drago's office) until May 15. We were at the Transportation Committee yesterday and will be at the May 5 meeting.

Mary Catherine Snyder