Apr 8, 2009

April 15 Neighborhood Meeting with new School Principals

As you surely know, Seattle Schools are trying to save money by shutting, combining, moving schools (lawsuits permitting). The changes will affect our neighborhood:

  • The Middle School Program at Meany School will be disbanded, and the students moved to Washington, Madrona and Alki Schools. (transition details here).
  • Two programs will move to the Meany Building: Nova Alternative High School and the Secondary Bilingual Orientation Program (transition plans here).
  • This week's Madison Park Times describes the changes.
  • This CD News post describes an interesting "drug free schools" program and has comments from someone intimate with the problems of moving NOVA.
I have invited the principals of the two schools to visit us, meet their new neighborhood, and share concerns, visions and ideas. Basically a chance to chat and get acquainted. Please join your neighbors in welcoming the schools to our neighborhood:

Wednesday, April 15th, 7 - 9 PM, Miller Community Center multipurpose room,
 330 -19th Avenue East (Center #: 206-684-4753).

A few details of the two schools:
  • Nova Alternative High School is moving from the Horace Mann building (near Garfield) where it has been since its inception.  The school website describes the program much better than I can. There's also an official school website and a PTSA website. We will be meeting with school principal Mark Perry.

I hope you will be able to join us and welcome these schools to our neighborhood.  

It will also be an opportunity to meet the new staff at Miller Community Center: we recently welcomed Center Coordinator Jeremy Doane (pictured here, came to us
 from Magnolia) and Assistant Coordinator Klaus Goodrum (who came from Montlake, which is where our very capable former Assistant Coordinator, Zoom Piksa, may now be found). The volunteer Advisory Council for the Community Center (which YOU can join: ask a council
 member at the meeting)
 is co-sponsoring this meeting. They and the Center staff are eager to meet the new school at Meany and explore possibilities of collaborations.

I hope to also have updates on the state of the Miller Playfield renovation, East Madison Street redevelopment, and any other topics you think we should explore (E--mail Andrew).

Please help get the word out about this (very rare) Miller Park Neighborhood Association Meeting. Share this blog page, or print and share this meeting announcement.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, Andrew, for taking this proactive step in uniting the schools and neighborhood. These are two fantastic programs that I expect will be assets to Miller Park.

I'd say we're looking forward to it- but it's bitter sweet.