Apr 21, 2009

Design Review Hearing for Deano's Project

(pictures courtesy of JC Mueller LLC. CLICK on them for glorious large illustrations. Note all the hip, young  people in the pictures: nobody as old as me [or Jim?] visible anywhere. No dealers, either)

What is probably the final Design Review Hearing for the "Deano's" project on East Madison Street will be happening on May 6th.

The basic concept is pretty much what we saw in many previous meetings, but the appearance of the buildings has changed dramatically, so this probably be your only chance to make your views known to the Design Review Board.

See my Madison Street Redevelopment Google Map for links to older info about the project, and to other projects in the area.

Review Meeting: May 6, 8:00 PM
Seattle Central Community College
1701 Broadway, Room 3211
Review Phase: Recommendation

Link to DPD files  and to the older DPD files (Project Number: 3009856(formerly 2204305)) 
Planner: Scott Kemp


Jason said...

I actually like this design better than the others. Hopefully it will actually get built sometime in the (reasonably) near future.

Anonymous said...

Hideous. Doesn't fit into the character of the neighborhood at all. Hope it gets rejected. Nichols and DPD have ruined the city and our neighborhoods with their lack of attention and caring to the character of the area.

Eric said...

I live in the block behind the site. I like the diversity the new contemporary design brings to the neighborhood.I look forward to it being built.

Anonymous said...

I'm just wondering if the business spaces will really fill up with tenants -the spaces beneath the Safeway across the street have remained empty for years.

Here's to hoping.