Jan 1, 2009

The Miller Year in Review

Respectable bloggers do it, Danny Westneat did it, so can I learn anything useful from the blizzard of blog-visitor statistics that Google dishes up?

41% of the 46,000ish pageviews last year went to the homepage, so we won't learn much about them. Of those who visited an actual page, the top five are as follows:

  • 514 went to a May 29th page about the sale of Dean Falls' property on Madison to Jim Mueller.
  • 462 went to a Jan 4th page announcing a Neighborhood Safety Forum about the tragic murder of Shannon Harps.
  • Third was 435 visits to a 2007 page documenting the Fratelli's Cow Mural (from people who missed it?).
  • A nice round 400 people visited a May 22nd page about Jim Mueller's development plans for Madison Street, with a (now expired) link to a KING TV news segment.
  • 375 worthy souls found out about my wife's Adopt a Streetlight plan. It's still dark out there, let's try that again!
Busiest days:
  • Jan. 9th - 497 views - Shannon Harps' murder meeting
  • Jan 23rd - 476 - several public safety posts
  • March 11 - 387 - assorted news?
  • May 30 - 439 - Sale of Deano's!
  • July 2 - 440 - Fratelli's plus fireworks viewing sites?
(maybe provoked by people alerted by Miller listserv E-mails).

Central District News
and Capitol Hill News do a wonderful job covering those larger areas, and I've taken to putting more general info there, hence lesser recent interest/postings on Miller blog. Popular postings on those sites typically get 100 to 500 views. My all-time-winner, best as I can tell, is Snow route from Capitol Hill to airport with a mighty 724 views to date (and here's hoping nobody needs it anytime soon!).

Take-home messages:
  • development
  • public safety
No surprises there. Thanks for listening. Do tell me what to do different.

Happy New Year

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