Jan 4, 2009

Care to give away a few platelets?

(from the BBC website)

Platelet donor's thought for food

By Nick Dermody
BBC News

At this time of year I'm usually one of a few hundred people who have to keep an eye on what they eat.
I'm not just talking about moderating the usual Christmas excess (not such a bad idea anyway) but ensuring I have the equivalent of what I consider is a cabbage soup diet for two or three days.
This is so I can give blood. Or more accurately, platelets, that component of blood which helps to stop or prevent bleeding.(more)

You don't need to follow that diet (or to go to Wales) to donate platelets. I used to do it regularly (sadly I can't anymore, blame those Mad Cows): it's simple, painless, relaxing... and you can watch videos. Contact the Puget Sound Blood Center for all the whys and wherefores. They'd also be happy to take your whole blood, or sign you up to be a marrow donor.

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