Dec 9, 2008

School Closures: plans for Meany as before

Thanks to the stellar live-blogging by West Seattle Blog, we're already aware of the new list of “potential final recommendations” from the Superintendent. Assorted changes made to other parts of the previously announced "trial balloon" but the story for Meany remains the same.

A quick search of the "potential final recommendations" for Meany reveals:

  • Relocate SBOC (Secondary bilingual) & Nova (alternative High School) to Meany
  • Reassign Meany Central region students to Washington
  • Reassign Meany students from other regions based on home address
  • Rationale for repurposing the Meany building
    • Complies with federal law requiring non-English speaking students have access to typical language peers
    • SBOC and Nova are compatible programs
    • This co-location would give SBOC guidance in becoming an alternative learning experience program
    • Co-locating these programs will benefit both student groups and mayinclude shared learning experiences
    • Responsive to recommendations in recent bilingual review
    • Relocating 1⁄2of Washington APP (students who live in the Queen Anne/Magnolia, North, Northwest and Northeast clusters) to Hamilton allows Central cluster Meany students to attend Washington
    • Relocating 1⁄2of middle school APP mirrors the recommended split of the elementary APP program
Here are links to a letter from the Meany PTA, the original school reshuffling plans, the P-I's live-blogging of the meeting, and the P-I article and Seattle Times article summarizing the meeting

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