Dec 24, 2008

Touching Christmas stories

(worth revisiting on an annual basis. Think of it as a raunchy "It's a Wonderful Life").

A story in the Christmas 2007 edition of the Stranger, about "The Ups and Downs of Being a Sex Worker During the Holidays", had this touching little story (about a hooker making a Christmas house call):

Some of them were contented loners, just looking to be entertained. But some of them—well, Jae pretty much nails it:

"Sometimes you show up at the guy's house on Christmas and you feel sorry for him, you know? Like there's this sort of Charlie Brown-ish Christmas tree with one present under it, and it's for you."

Now that's sad.

(and that vignette is followed by a long, hilarious account of another house call that you'll just have to read for yourself)

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