Nov 18, 2008

Worth noting

  • (From the Capitol Hill Yahoo Group) With the leaves falling in mass and the rains starting storm drains start to clog. It is a great time for volunteers to help out by taking
    a few minutes to remove any debris blocking the drains.

    If you find a drain in need of further servicing (I found one yesterday blocked with dirt) then use the form on the Seattle Public Utilities site to report it in for service -- noting location of the problem.

  • Reminder: Wednesday evening Design Review Hearing for Jim Mueller's redevelopment of the "Twilight Exit" property on Madison.
  • Project Status Report on 2026 E. Madison (the old Deano site)
    Thursday, December 11th, 6:30 - 8:00 p.m.
    Miller Community Center Multipurpose Room#2

    Local neighborhood developer, James C. Mueller, is hosting the meeting to provide a project update. He met with neighbors earlier this year during the Capitol Hill Community Garage Sale and wants to provide a status report. A new rendering of the project will be available at the meeting. Hope you can join us!

    Lis Soldano, Director of Development, JC Mueller LLC

  • Last Broadway Farmers' Market of the year.
  • "Ask the Mayor"
  • Thanksgiving has caused a pile-up of neighborhood meetings in the next week. See Miller Calendar: Capitol Hill Community Council (i.e. local) & Seattle Community Council Federation (i.e. Citywide) both on Thursday.
  • Several other posts on Miller blog: a video ("Tales of an Urban Grocer"), a new website (Central District Neighborhood Plans), and the hope for the end of a puddle.

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