Nov 9, 2008

Worth Noting

  • Not many blog posts here recently, due to excellent neighborhood coverage on the Capitol Hill Seattle and Central District News blogs. I've taken to posting my more general neighborhood news for the areas North of Madison and South of Madison on those sites.

  • Several interesting meetings soon (details on Miller Calendar) :
    • East District Council (11/10/08): Meet Councilmember Sally Clark, Chair of the Planning/Land Use & Neighborhoods Committee
    • Central District Council (11/13/08): Chat with Councilmember Licata (CORRECTION: he can't attend).
    • Design Review Hearing (11/19/08) for 2051 E. Madison, the "Twilight Exit" site: details.

  • Google Maps now has the Street View feature for Seattle: lets you "drive" around Seattle and look all around you. Much discussion (see comments) about when the pictures were taken and how intrusive it really is. Picture of my house was taken last Fall but that of the Deano's site on Madison was taken during the demolition this Spring, so you can relive the thrill whenever you want to.

  • CNN has recently produced a travel show about Seattle, looking at our city through the eyes of local musician Quincy Jones. There's an accompanying website, with lots of local information (suitable for your visitors) and a video feed to the show. One of the web features is a lovely little essay about Seattle from Central District News blog owner Scott Durham.

I've been repeatedly using the good weather as an excuse for not posting here. Now that the weather's changed (and I've swept up the leaves) I've run out of excuses, and will have to get back to work. Coming soon will be a report on the Miller Playfield Resurfacing meeting, and a report on my Madison Street Survey from this Summer (and a new survey about what stores we'd like there).

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