Oct 4, 2008

Traffic on East John Street /Madison Valley

From the Madison Valley Yahoo Group:

We have also been trying to get something done about E. John (with daily traffic of 1200 cars a day!) There are accidents here almost weekly!
We've been told there's nothing to do about it because, even though it's a residential street, it's been designated a alternative emergency fire route.
We think a 4 way stop @ John & 27th would be a solution but , we're told that people wouldn't stop, so why bother! What?
Anyway - this is kinda a plea for help, if any of you know how to get results in this process, or wish to mention our street when talking to the right people -
We'd love any help we can get!

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Some of us in the neighborhood have been concerned about the high speed traffic driving on our streets.

Just a quick note to let you know there are currently (3) requests into the City for traffic control measures at 29th & Denny, 30th & Denny, & one near 29th & Arthur Place. Many cars going N on MLK zip through Arthur to avoid the long Madison light.

If you would like more information about the (lengthy) process, please see the below link. You can also e-mail me off list.


29th & Denny

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