Oct 12, 2008

Assault with weapons: 2021 E. John Street

From the Seattle 911 Log:

10/12/2008 9:07:54 PM F080094728 A25 B6 E34 M10 M44 2021 E John St Assault w/Weap 7 per Rule

2021 E. John is CHHIP's Hazel Plaza apartments.

False alarm? Police soon went away. TV truck came and then left immediately.

Explanation comes from CD News consulting their 911 log:

20xx E. John - 9:04pm - "Caller says that her mother has been shot in front of her residence." A bunch of units responded. "She believes that her mother was shot by her neighbor, and she believes that the neighbor was trying to get into her mother's apartment. The mother is out in front of the building."

A lot of police responded - at least 7 different units - and they arrived quickly. Operators tried to call back the complainant but someone kept hanging up on them. Police didn't immediately find a victim in front of the building where the caller originally reported, but made contact with someone in the mother's apartment.

Officer: "We're getting some information that this may not be a real call. Keep looking, but we're getting indication that the complainant may have some mental issues."
Officer: "There's some indication that the complainant said she was shot when it was only her car that was shot."
Operator: "Should we send fire back to the barn?"
Officer: "Affirmative"
Officer: "It appears that this is an unfounded call."
Officer: "We searched her car and found that there's nothing wrong with it."

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