Oct 29, 2008

Playfield resurfacing. Idea #1: sharing

(Something to consider at the November 5th Miller Playfield resurfacing meeting)

Resurfacing proposal

This proposal is contingent upon:

Setting aside, as a renewable one year test, 5% of scheduled play time for unscheduled neighborhood use, with rules like those at the Queen Anne Bowl.


Miller Playfield had for many years been the most heavily scheduled ballfield in Seattle: we're centrally located, the field has lights, and parking is relatively easy. Since Bobby Morris (with its Sportsturf surface) reopened, the schedule at Miller has been much lighter. However, when the field is renovated, we can confidently expect that both youth and adult teams will all want to return here.

Some neigbors dream that "we're looking forward to many CHS pick-up soccer games in the future". The field is going to be fully scheduled again, with no free time (except perhaps Sunday evening) unless we do something!

Some years ago, during the field lighting fuss, I visited the Queen Anne Bowl. The neighbors there had brokered an agreement with Parks that gave 5% of the play time on the field for neighborhood pickup use: the available times are posted at the field. Note that the Queen Anne Bowl neighbors have reported that "unscheduled use" can be (and is) used by teams for "informal" practice sessions. They have rules limiting practice to half the field if another team is there.

If pickup play time is something you'd like, we'd better get organized and ask for it at the meeting. Expect strong resistance from the sports leagues on this one.

BTW: I've long wanted a webcam looking out from the Community Center, over the fountain to the field. That would help you see if the field was available for you.


j said...

If anybody wants to coordinate on the pick-up issue, I'd like to talk to you -- jseattle at gmail

Andrew Taylor said...

E-mailed comment from a ballfield advocate:

I read through your blog and suggestions. I think they are all good ones and support them. The notion of keeping a percentage of time available for unscheduled use is something I assumed Parks was doing anyway. In any case, I think a 5% slot is more than reasonable. Keep up the good work.