May 12, 2008

In Monday's Seattle Times: blogs & bikes

1) A column by Jerry Large about the Central District News blog

2) A long Seattle Times article about cycling to work, inspired by "Bike to Work Day", this coming Friday, May 16th. The forecast for Friday looks great (Friday: Sunny and warm. Highs in the upper 70s and 80s), so this might be the year for you to give it a try!

Bike not in good shape? Try 20/20 Cycles at 20th/Union, or REI or the place in Montlake [I've had good service at the latter two, haven't tried 20/20 yet]. Or you could let the Bikery help you fix it yourself at their regular Saturday clinics at Garfield Community Center, or at the Central Area Community Safety Forum this Saturday.

(I've been bike commuting on Seattle's streets since 1982).


K and/or J said...

Yay. Finally a newspaper write-up that stays clear of gee whiz and keeps things pretty firmly in the quiet admiration zone. Thanks for bringing us up, too, Andrew :)

Seadevi said...

Eric got his bike tuneup at Velo - it wasn't free but he needed inner tubes. He's planning on commuting (gasp) to downtown Bellevue. Andrew - I'm impressed by how long you've been a bike commuter.

Andrew Taylor said...

My routes around Seattle have been to the First Hill and Lake Union Fred Hutch sites: can easily avoid just about all the traffic.

My 1980 experience in Eugene, Oregon (a very bike friendly town) with a Ford LTD was quite another story. The sensation of flying through the air is one that sticks with you. And ask me sometime about the special Valentine's Day/Wedding Day plaster cast on my leg. Or about the aluminum crutches that are in all the wedding pictures, even ones without me in them!