May 29, 2008

The Blog is dead, long live the Blog!

(obscure historical reference! No interregnum in Capitol Hill blogs)

Justin Carder started his CHS - Capitol Hill Seattle blog when he moved to the "fancy pants" part of Capitol Hill (Jan '06). He's been busy promoting neighborhood blogs, and dragged me kicking and screaming into bloghood in January of last year. He's keeping many Capitolhillers happy with his coverage of all things Capitol Hill related.

Last Fall, Central District News came on the scene: Scott Durham and his brother Matt are perfecting a very user-friendly multi-user blogging system ("Instant Journalist") and are showing off its capabilities with Central District News (which I wrote to Jerry Large about).

Now Justin has adopted the Instant Journalist system, has retired CHS Seattle and has unveiled: as a multi-user blog for all the little sub-areas of Capitol Hill.

Give it a try, sign up to become a contributor (there's a Miller Park section awaiting your entries): it's vey easy to post text, pictures, movies, links etc.

Note that, as the Madison-Miller area (of Urban Village and neighborhood planning fame) is pretty much bisected by East Madison Street (which is where the action is going to be), you'll probably want to sign up as a Central District News contributor as well and use their Miller Park section.

I hereby thank Justin for getting me into the world of blogging, and wish him well in this new neighborhood venture (as well as in his candidacy for the chair of the Capitol Hill Community Council, where there has been a long interregnum). I've signed up to be a Capitolhillseattle user, and will muse about what to post there and what to put here (your guidance would be welcome!).

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