May 22, 2008

Ballot Initiatives

(this just came my way: not a local issue, but thought you might be interested. Andrew)

Dear Friend,

They're everywhere. At parks, shopping malls, and supermarkets, on ferry boats and street corners -- wherever the good citizens of Washington gather. They're heavily armed with clipboards and pens, and they're coming for you....

That's right. It's ballot initiative season, and the signature gatherers are out in full force.

Believe it or not, more than 50 initiatives have been filed with the Secretary of State this year. The vast majority of them won't make the ballot, but three of them look like they could gather enough signatures to earn a public vote.

We have assembled a brief preview for the three candidates most likely to make it to the ballot, and we would love to hear what you think.

Mina Hashemi Mercer, Fuse

Fuse is bringing people like you together to make our state more progressive. Fuse offers busy but concerned people easy ways to make your voice and values heard and make a difference.

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