Jun 12, 2007

Your letters, testimony, presence needed in Court

You all remember how unpleasant the groups of drug dealers on Madison used to make our lives. Most of them seemed to be destitute and were probably both dealers and users, in need of help and rehabilitation. We all felt grateful that Lt. Hayes, Seattle Neighborhood Group and POCAAN staffed the GOTS program there every Tuesday, to try and connect the destitute people with services.

You will not be surprised to learn that, among the destitute people on the street, there were also "career criminals". Please read this letter from Senior Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Ellen O'Neill-Stephens (who has been working tirelessly with our Madison task force for the last year) which details one such case and tells us what we can do to help in the prosecution. The gist of her letter is:

Your attendance at this sentencing will be an opportunity to tell a Superior Court Judge about the adverse effect open air drug markets have on your lives and work in these neighborhoods. Only a few community members may have the opportunity to address the court, so it will also be important to put your thoughts in a letter addressed to the judge.

Please send your signed letters to:
Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Justin Monroe
516 Third Ave. W554
Seattle, WA. 98104
e-mail justin.monroe@metrokc.gov

The sentencing for Evelyn Lewis has been rescheduled for:

June 22, 2007 from 2:45 to 3:45
Honorable Catherine Shaffer,
King County Courthouse, Courtroom E753

Please feel free to contact Ellen, if you have any additional questions, at her e-mail address (Ellen.OneillStephens@Seattle.Gov) or cell phone 206-423-9756

The Sentencing Hearing is next week, so please write your letters NOW, and contact Ellen if you will be able to attend the Court Hearing.

You might also want to post your letters here, as comments to this message: Click the COMMENTS note at the end of this post. You may comment anonymously if desired.

Many thanks for your help: this prosecution may not directly help the East Madison Street neighborhood, but it will surely help 23rd & Union and other afflicted neighborhoods.

Many thanks,


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