Jun 23, 2007

2051 East Madison Street development

Jim Mueller, as well as developing at 23rd & Union, has interest in East Madison Street, and has acquired 2051 E. Madison, where the Twilight Exit now is, and Oscar's II used to be.

He's just started planning development of the site. From the DPD website:

2051 East Madison Street
Project # 3007358
Six story, 105 unit apartment building with 5,700 sq.ft. of retail at ground level. Parking will be located below grade.

At last week's meeting about his 23rd/Union project, there was one design board from Mithun architects showing the project. I asked Jim about it and he noted: "first time I've seen it". He did note, during the 23rd/Union presentation, that he's engaged a music historian to research the musical history of the area, for use in the building.

You may recall that some University of Washington architecture students used this site for a design project, "The Fulcrum", a couple of years ago. They made their report available to us: it's worth reading for background, possiblities, and examples of how people think about design issues. Pictures below are from Mithun's plans for the site.

(And to answer those nagging questions, YES there are plans on the books to redevelop Dean Falls' properties and NO, Mr. Falls has not yet sold the property, as far as I know).

Whole Design Board
click on image for larger version
View from 22nd & Madison
click on image for larger version
Looking West(ish) on Madison
click on image for larger version
A floorplan
click on image for larger version
The site in the 1950's
click on image for larger version

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