Jun 11, 2007

Strip Clubs along Madison?

On Monday the City Council approved new zoning laws [KING 5 report, Seattle Times article] regulating the location of new strip clubs in Seattle, the rationale for which is given in the appendix to the legislation. See Councilmember Steinbrueck's webpage for other documents.

The new rules prohibit strip clubs near each other, or within 800' of schools, parks, community centers, child care centers, parks or open spaces. The supplied map of Seattle (CARE: large complex file) shows (in yellow) the very few places they will be allowed. I note that one of the closest such sites to downtown with good transportation [other than the South Lake Union/Seattle Center area] is the blocks of Madison between 19th and 21st. Some of that area has been redeveloped [Planned Parenthood, McKinney Manor] but Dean Falls' unoccupied properties (the former Club Chocolate City and Deano's Market) would appear to be eligible for use as "Adult Cabarets". One more thing to watch out for, I guess.

Lobbying City Council to amend the ordinance to include churches in the list of buffer areas would keep strip clubs away from our area.

Note that I may be being overly alarmist here, if we believe this quote from the Seattle Times article:

Two businessmen testified Monday against the new rules, saying they drove around the city with the new zoning map in hand and could not find any suitable place to open an "old-school cabaret" with an emcee and performing women.

"My partner and I hopped in our car and I drove to every spot" where clubs are allowed under the new rules, said Lucas Wunsch. "There is nothing."

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