Sep 19, 2011

"Deano's" Madison Street Project in the news

The September 17th Seattle Times Pacific Magazine main article, "Architecture 2011" is about local architectural innovations:

Seattle AIA's FutureShack showcases projects by local architects, creative responses to our fast-morphing urban lifestyles, across a wide range of building types, budgets, constraints and social agendas. It is part public debate, part recognition of innovative architecture.
The featured designs can also be seen on the AIA website.

Jim Mueller's design for the large empty lot at Madison and Denny is one of the featured projects.

From the Times' article:
Firm's description: Situated on a corner in the commercial core of Madrona, Pike Station is a sustainable community for residents and the neighborhood. Each live/work unit has a retail space opening to the sidewalk. The units have private rooftop decks for urban agriculture and two-bedroom/two-bathroom living spaces. A community courtyard allows south light into each unit and nurtures a living wall. The property owner, an artist, seeks to create a community of artists, environmental activists and architects.There is groundwater recharge with permeable paving, cisterns and a living wall for graywater reuse. Rainwater will be stored in underground cisterns to service rooftop irrigation, toilets and laundry appliances. Photovoltaic arrays provide power for community lighting. Each unit is designed to accommodate photovoltaics and incorporates energy-efficient assemblies to reduce heating/cooling loads.
Jury comments: Promotes sustainability and demonstrates how it can be done within small-scale infill. The idea of live/work combined with sustainability is commendable; reinforces the idea of sustainability with life/work balance. Many live/work units are just lofts, so this could be more flexible. It fits in with the neighborhood despite different style. There is value in keeping artists in the city, not pushing them out.

When will it be built? Maybe Jim will comment on this post!

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