Apr 11, 2011

Death of René Soulard, MPNA co-founder

This message was received at 2PM 4/11/11 from René's next-door neighbor:

"Rene passed away about an hour ago.

He has been living and working up on Orcas Island and was found on the floor unable to move last Friday. The last time anyone saw him was 24 hours before that. He initially was able to say his age and that he wasn't assaulted. Rene was taken by helicopter to a hospital in Bellingham. In the last few days he was not able to speak but clearly knew people. Gary and Larry, Ron's brothers were with him and their folks have been in constant touch from Idaho.

If any of you know other friends please let them know.
There will be a lot to sort through and make sense of in the next few weeks.  We are in shock, in fact I can't take in that Rene could be gone. It doesn't seem possible.  We will be in touch as we know more.


I will pass on any inquiries to Debrah.

Andrew Taylor, tayles@jps.net

René was the co-founder of the Miller Park Neighborhood Association. He was a very dear friend, a wonderful neighbor and a tireless advocate for our little neighborhood. News of his death has shocked me more than almost anything else in my life.
He will be sorely missed. I will post more details here as they become available.


Anonymous said...

dear Rene, dear neighbor, dear friend I wasn't ready for you to become a part of my growing community of deceased friends and family. I will hold tight and treasure the memories of your laugh and so many ways in which you could say yes to helping others. Aloha & Mahalo.

Anonymous said...

E, Aikane Rene, Aloha Kaua:

You left us in kino far too soon, but your minoʻaka and manawaleʻa live on with us in ʻuhane.

Make a place for me in Pō, and I will listen for you on the wind in the garden.

A Hui Hou,