Apr 11, 2011

Neighborhood Sidewalk Repair Project: East John & E. Thomas

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I will be distributing these as fliers to all of the abutting property owners tomorrow and also sending this information to the Capitol Hil Blog. SDOT plans to start this work in May after we have heard from the community.

Liz Ellis
SDOT Street Maintenance
Sidewalk Repair Program


LeeB said...

Liz...I am doing a research paper on community development in regards to neighborhood associations. I was impressed with this sidewalk endeavor and that you were able to receive such large funds. I would like to know if this fund is only open to associations in your area or are they a national entity? Do you know of any state or national entities that give grants to associations for such projects? Thank You for your time. -Lee

LeeB said...

Liz...I am doing a community research paper into the participation of our local neighborhood associations. I was amazed at the amount of funding you were able to receive toward this project. I was wondering if this funding was from a local or national entity. Also do you know if any entity say on a national scale that we would be able to apply for? Thank You for your time! -Lee

City of Seattle SSRP said...

Lee, funding came from two local sources. The Neighborhood Project Fund which draws from general funds set aside to address neighborhood identified priorities and the Sidewalk Safety Repair Program which is funded by the 2006Bridging the Gap Levy. call me directly if you would like more information. Liz Ellis, SDOT Street Maintenance 206-233-2768