Dec 10, 2009

Miller holiday party reminder (for guests and volunteers)

1) The holiday party for disadvantaged families will be on Saturday, 10 - 2 PM at Miller Community Center. Go here for details and go here to volunteer for the event.

2) An article in Thursday's Seattle Times notes the dwindling supplies of toys for tots, and reports that one neighboring community center (Yesler) will  not be distributing toys this year. This could result in even larger crowds at Miller than last year, and an even greater need for your volunteer efforts.

The article notes this unfortunate reality of such holiday parties, but puts it in the right perspective:
Brown said he was never aware of anyone who abused the program. But he has encountered individuals that bounce from church to agency to organization, gathering all the holiday freebies they can.

"You have those people," he said, "but then you have the people who are really struggling, and that's who we're trying to help."

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