Aug 17, 2008

Time to hit the hills

Off on a backpacking trip. Let's not think about neighborhood issues until after Labor Day.

Remember that you can keep up on all things neighborhood related via:

What should we be thinking of after Labor Day?

  • Jim Mueller's Madison Street redevelopment plans: he promised us a meeting.
  • Parks Department will be coming to us about resurfacing Miller Playfield: we should engage them about the bathrooms, and about getting players to use the parking lot.
  • Neighborhood planning: the Mayor wants to revisit neighborhood plans, but in his regulated top-down way. Neighbors want to revive the grassroots way we did it before. I'll feed you more information before Councilmember Clark's September 8th public meeting.
  • I'll post the details of my recent Madison Street parking survey, and will let you vote on the top ten (or so) suggestions for new businesses along Madison. Then we'll try and sell our ideas to the developers. Anybody want to start a hardware store here?

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