Aug 27, 2008

Public Safety Warning

A longtime neighbor writes with this warning:

There was a horrific home invasion this afternoon [August 22nd] in my block (600 22nd Ave E).
(3) young males entered a house through an open back door, pistol whipped the owner and held him at gunpoint while they cleaned out the house of all valuables.
No neighbors saw anything even though they carried a safe and a 60” TV out the front door and down 12 steps to a car.

Please alert people to keep their back doors closed and locked even during the nice hot daytimes.
My home was invaded by a mentally disturbed man a few years ago: it's a very scary thing to experience.

I WOULD ADD that you should keep your front doors locked also! I was out working on my car and thought I could see the front door, but the guy walked in anyway, when I was looking the other way.

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