Jan 24, 2007

MPNA blog awaits you

Justin Carder runs a wonderful blog about all things Capitol Hill

He has recently persuaded me to post all the Miller listserv E-mails
on a blog, and even set up a blog for me to so do. The MILLER blog is at:


(Here's his view of how it came to be. )

You might find the blog a useful way to keep track of what's happening
in the area. I suspect I'll find it useful to distribute messages with
pictures and links: rather hard with the listserv system. It also lets
you comment on posts (and lets everyone read your comments). It will
also be an easy way for you to refer others to our doings.

Basically I've been in blog denial for a while. Thank You Justin for
giving me a kick in the right direction. It'll be a learning experience
for me.

Andrew Taylor

PS: it'll take me a while to figure out how to use the blog well. Don't
miss Justin's blog ( http://capitolhillseattle.blogspot.com/ ): an excellent example of the useful things that can be done with a blog.

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