Jan 21, 2007

Great idea for Neighborhood Appreciation Day

(this great idea was submitted by good friend and blockwatch coordinator, Sonja Richter <Sonja.Richter@Seattle.Gov> )

The 13th Annual Neighborhood Appreciation Day is coming up soon, I think 2/10/07. I have long wanted to find a way to thank and recognize the unsung neighborhood helpers, namely the mailmen and women and the recycling and garbage pick up workers. As the City provides the greeting cards for Neighborhood Appreciation Day free of charge, why not encourage people in the community to give a card of appreciation to these people who quietly and anonymously carry out needed, no, essential, services in every neighborhood of Seattle?

The cards are available at the Neighborhood Community Centers. Nearest ones to us are the Central Area Center at 23rd & Jackson, and the Capitol Hill Center (upstairs in the Capitol Hill Library, center phone: 684-4574) Of course people could also just make their own note of appreciation if they prefer.

Sonja Richter

(City website, just updated for 2007, about the event is at:

http://tinyurl.com/3bfx8b )

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