Jun 1, 2009

19th & Madison public safety concerns

This note (from a 19th Avenue Lofts resident, at  1812 - 19th Avenue) came my way via a friend:

A warning to you all about a considerable safety and security issue on our street. As I was walking home late the other night, I turned left onto 19th from Madison and was walking down the sidewalk on the west side of the street. As I did so I saw a gathering of several men in the dirt "yard" of the apartment building that lies between ours and the Al-Anon building on the corner of 19th and Madison.

 These men also noticed me, and proceeded to move quickly in my direction and surround me, demanding money. They displayed no weapons, but I felt sufficiently intimidated by being surrounded that I gave them what cash I had ($6, for their trouble).

 As it was quite dark and I was more concerned with my own survival than the criminal justice system, I did not get a very good look at any of the men who mugged me, nor do I feel particularly confident that I could pick them out of a lineup. However, they were all African-American males, three of which were in the 25-35 range and one was in his forties. The older one displayed the spastic nervous habits and stuttering speech patterns of a habitual drug user.


In any case, once I gave them the cash I had on hand, they let me go unharmed. My concern is that these people are friends of residents of the building next to ours and may be frequent visitors to the area (or possibly even residents themselves, I don't know). In any case, be on your guard, especially when there are people gathered out front of that building at night.
Another neighbor noted:
I've reported this to Officer Chris Kelly, Liaison Officer for the East Precinct, and he managed to stop most of the activity. However, with the warm weather, the young men are once again gathering, sometimes till wee morning hours, loud, and offensive. 
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Anonymous said...

After dealing with this same problem on our street when Deano's was still around, all I can say is take pictures and call 911. Surveillance cameras (or even just taking photos from your balcony) are a great deterrent to this kind of activity and gives the Police something actionable to go on.

Anonymous said...

I know what building you are talking about. They hang outside during the evenings. They look very shady. I do not feel safe.

Anonymous said...

TNB at its finest. And they wonder why we hat them.

Anonymous said...

911 for sure. Encourage your neighbors to call also. Back in the old days when we had this problem on my block, we set up a phone tree. First you dialed 911, then you dialed two neighbors and they would check out the situation and dial 911 also. Police respond much faster to multiple complaints.