Sep 17, 2008

Missing cat: 20th & Denny

I live on 20th and Denny in the little white cottage on the Southwest corner. My roommate and I have been cat-sitting for a friend who's out of town, and it appears as though the cat somehow slipped out of out house and out of the yard early this morning (9/15/08). We are frantically trying to find her, and will be hanging signs this afternoon, but wanted to see if maybe you could put the word out?

She's about 6 years old, a very sweet mid-to-large sized Siamese cat named Pedal. She's got bright blue eyes that are slightly crossed, and doesn't have a collar on (she's an indoor cat!) As I'm sure you can imagine, we are DREADING telling our friend what's going on, and would love to have Pedal back at home.

Thanks so much,

mobile: 917.494.8648

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Andrew Taylor said...

Hi Andrew-
Thanks so much, but actually ... we found her last night! Pretty amazing!