May 2, 2012

Lilac time

(5/2/12: The 2012 lilac season is just starting. Drop by soon.)

The lilac bush at the bottom of my yard has just started its beautiful, fragrant, but oh so brief flowering season.

So, if you're passing 20th & John, do help yourself to a little bit of the blooms that are hanging over the sidewalk. You might need a ladder, and you'd better not wait too long!

Hope you enjoy them,
(Repost from 5/11/08. )


ariel said...
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Seadevi said...

I might take you up on that Andrew

Wesa said...

Is there a limit? I would gladly take every last blossom.

kiedisisbad said...

andrew, thank you, thank you, thank you.....very kind and generous and neighborly of you. happened to drive by last night and took a few blooms. My place smells so wonderful now. Thank you! And to "wesa" don't be greedy, there's enough for the neighborhood to share.
Cheers Andrew!